Ronnie Brewer Jr. Recognized as Sporting Generosity’s Player of the Month

Ronnie Brewer Jr


Ronnie Brewer Jr., shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls, was born March 20, 1985 in Portland, Oregon. At four years of age the Brewer family moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where Ronnie Brewer Jr. would spend the remainder of his childhood. After graduating high school, Ronnie Brewer Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and attended The University or Arkansas where he became a star athlete for the Razorbacks. after spending three years at the university, Ronnie Brewer Jr. was selected by the Utah Jazz with the 14th pick of the first round in the 2006 NBA draft. it was in Utah where Ronnie first started talking about his own foundation and shortly thereafter The Ronnie Brewer Foundation was born.

Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s motivation behind the foundation was simple. said Ronnie Brewer Jr., “I wanted to put the shoe near the foot to help provide the children of Fayetteville an opportunity for hope and success. I’ve lived in the Fayetteville area most of my life, and it’s great to see the hope that the Corliss Williamson’s and the Scottie Pippen’s have provided the community. although i was given the gift to play basketball, I was also given the gift to give back to my community. Wanting to give back is just a the way I was raised.”

Shortly after launching his foundation in 2006, Ronnie Brewer Jr. donated $50,000 to the University of Arkansas’s Journalism Scholarship Fund. said Ronnie Brewer Jr., “In college not only did I want to be a great basketball player, but I also wanted to be a great student. so with that in mind I wanted my first contribution to be for academic purposes with an emphasis on african american studies” Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s donation and continuing support to the school of journalism is awarded annually via scholarships to students who win writing competitions and meet the requirements of students in need.

Today, Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s foundation continues to be extremely active in the Fayetteville community. The foundation recently had their first gala in which they raised $80,000 for the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club.

As Fayetteville is one of the fastest growing cities in the united states, the boys and girls center is not equipped with enough resources to provide for the children in need. With The Ronnie Brewer Foundation’s donations, the boys and girls clubs will build a new gymnasium and life center. It’s Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s hope that the project is completed in the upcoming year.

Additionally in Fayetteville, Ronnie Brewer Jr. has set up a scholarship fund for high school students. The scholarships are for academic purposes and are regularly distributed to qualifying students.

Finally, Ronnie Brewer Jr. and his foundation continue to make an impact in the community that far exceeds his financial donations. Since breaking into the league, Ronnie Brewer Jr. has spent every christmas giving out gifts to children of the boys and girls clubs. he regularly records public service announcements on behalf of charities and their related causes, frequently visits schools to read and speak of the importance of education, and annually holds basketball camps for children of all ages.

Said Ronnie Brewer Jr., “When you become a professional athlete you have to grow up quick or be left behind. Being an athlete has allowed me to become a better person. It’s important to remember athletes are just regular people and many of us do everything we can to give back.”

–Sporting Generosity would like to thank Ronnie Brewer Jr. and The Ronnie Brewer Foundation for everything they have and hope to achieve.