If wholesome upbringing is a factor,
then it is no wonder that NBA guard
Ronnie Brewer Jr. is known as the
consummate teammate and has been
well liked within the organizations for
which he has played.


On the court Ronnie Brewer Jr. is known as the versatile “glue guy” who brings his great athleticism to the benefit of the team, and off the court he is approachable and professional. Since being drafted as a lottery pick in 2006, Ronnie has developed his game to become an elite defender, and significant contributor on several playoff teams. As important as his visible skill set, Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s intangibles have always been what sets him apart from others and his solid work ethic, sportsmanship, and commitment to giving back have been contributing factors to his success.

On the court, Ronnie Brewer Jr. is best known for his playmaking and lockdown defensive abilities. A proud member of the Chicago Bulls, the 9-year NBA veteran has developed into a defensive linchpin and is among the league’s leaders in defensive efficiency. Prior to his success with the Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls, Ronnie demonstrated his effectiveness as a member of the Houston Rockets during the 2009-2010 season. In 2006, Ronnie Brewer Jr. was drafted by the Utah Jazz. While with the Jazz, Ronnie put up solid offensive and defensive statistics, averaging nearly 14 pts. per game on 50% shooting and racking up 1.7 steals per game in 80 starts during the 2008-2009 season.


  • Beyond Basketball


Beyond basketball, Ronnie Brewer Jr. is an
active participant in his charity,
The Ronnie Brewer Foundation,


which secures resources to aid in the educational and athletic development of his community’s youth through sports and recreation. Ronnie Brewer Jr. was honored for his philanthropic efforts with the Silas Hunt Award in 2009 for his donation of $50,000 to the University of Arkansas journalism scholarship fund. Ronnie Brewer Jr. also gives back through his annual summer basketball camps that he runs with his family in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Ronnie Brewer Jr.’s family, dubbed the “Brew Crew,” is fully behind him in his many endeavors and he continues to stay humble because of their motivation and lasting support. As leading members of the Brew Crew, both his mother and father were former Razorback basketball stars, and his father, Ron Brewer, also played in the NBA for many seasons with the Chicago Bulls. Ronnie Brewer Jr. has followed closely in his father’s footsteps and both played for the University of Arkansas. Since joining the Bulls, Ronnie and his father have become the first father-son tandem to play for the same NBA team in league history.