Chicago Bulls Guard Ronnie Brewer Jr. Adopts Pershing West Middle School

Chicago, IL-­‐ On February 20th, 2012 Ronnie Brewer’s “Brew Crew Foundation” adopted Pershing West School in Chicago, Illinois. Located on Chicago’s Southside, Pershing West is striving for excellence! Led by the principal Cheryl Watkins, Brewer was so impressed by Watkins passion for her students, that he adopted the school to assist with the development of current and upcoming educational and athletic initiatives.


On February 28, 2012 Ronnie Brewer Jr. honored 8 fourth through eighth grade high achieving students and their principal. The selected students attended Tuesday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets as a reward for their academic achievement. The students represented Brewer by wearing their prize t-­‐shirts from the “Brew Crew” Foundation. In addition, Brewer’s “Brew Crew” Foundation has elected to enhance the schools Extended School Day Program by providing educational items and sporting good equipment to aid the students. It is Ronnie’s hope that he can be used as an instrument  to harness the power of professional sports to make a difference in the  community.



The “Brew Crew” Foundation is a non-­‐profit organization serving the needs of greater Northwest Arkansas and Chicago communities. The Foundation strives to support each community in at-­‐risk situations while promoting education, physical fitness, and the importance of working together as a team. For more information about The “Brew Crew” Foundation and upcoming events, please log onto